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Local history has shown a hotel has been on this site since 1880, a time when there was a massive 117 pubs servicing a population a just 47,000. Considering this was a time when only men were permitting entry into bars, this gave Brisbane’s small male population a lot of choice.

The current incarnation of the Waterloo Hotel was built in 1937. Throughout this time, the local area that the hotel has serviced has changed dramatically; from the warehouses and wharves of Tenneriffe, to seeing the Valley become Brisbane’s premier shopping destination in the 50s and 60s. The Waterloo was spared in the widespread demolition of heritage buildings during the Bjelke-Petersen era and has now born witness to the Valley’s urban renewal progression into a highly sought after area.

The Waterloo Hotel has evolved with the community over 130 years and now stands proud within the local landscape. Its current incarnation sees the former majesty of the building restored and complimented by a luxurious and eclectic interior, incorporating classic and contemporary furniture with modern lighting to create a rich tapestry of materials, colours and textures. This iconic Brisbane watering-hole has been faithfully reinstated and is now ready to write the next chapter in its history.